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Anjali Nanda
Anjali Nanda Updated

Fixed header and footer not working properly

This is my first time using Invision, never thought it could be so frustrating. Im trying to make an S10 prototype, and I'm using InvisionApp in the browser.

I created my main screens in Figma, and exported as a png, jpg, and pdf just to see if any of them worked, and yes I made sure the background of each version that didn't have any content was transparent. Yet when I try to add the headers/footers, the background behind the header/footers stays white when it should just disappear. Why in the world is this happening?? Is Invision only compatible with Sketch?? I dont have access to Sketch since I'm using a windows device. And yes I tried a test screen in Adobe XD as well, same problem. The fixed header also creates a weird static setting button thats fixed in the white (should be transparent and non-existent). 

Heres proof that the BGs are transparent:

Adobe XD


Invision test prototype, ignore first slide

2nd slide is Figma PNG export

3rd slide is Figma JPG export

4th slide is Figma PDF export

and 5th is Adobe XD PNG export

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Raynor B
InVision ambassador Raynor B , ambassador

Hi Anjali, 

I'm sorry to hear that you're having some trouble with fixed headers and footers. 

I see that you already have submitted a support ticket regarding this, and a soon as a member of our Support team has had a chance to review it, they'll be in touch via that ticket to troubleshoot this further with you directly. 

Thanks again for your patience while we look into this!



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