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Billy Meyers
Billy Meyers Updated

Sharing a Freehand with guest users

I've created a Freehand which I intended to share and collaborate with guest users. I opened the Share option and chose the following options:

Who can open this document?

  • Anyone with the link

What can they do?

  • Edit, draw, and view

However, when I send the link to guest users and they visit the Freehand, they cannot edit anything. There is also no Tools bar on the left side of the screen. Is this functionality not supported?

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Rachel Fong
InVision ambassador Rachel Fong , ambassador

Hi, I've also experienced the same issue. Is there a work around for this?

monica girel
InVision ambassador monica girel , ambassador

I'm also having the same problem. I was able to do this previously. This is a dealbreaker. InVision please address this! 

Caritas Europa
InVision ambassador Caritas Europa , ambassador

Also having the same issue!

Malay Nagda
InVision ambassador Malay Nagda , ambassador

The feature is critical for effective collaboration from one off users. 

Alvaro Trapote
InVision ambassador Alvaro Trapote , ambassador

Same here. Really important to work with external clients :(

Alvaro Trapote
InVision ambassador Alvaro Trapote , ambassador Edited

Got a response from customer service about this:

"Currently, that's the expected behavior and Guests of an Enterprise freehand will only be able to add/modify their own content; they will not be able to edit any content that was created on the freehand by any other user. Sorry for the inconvenience!"

It is a pity, I think that make guests able to edit all the content would really make sense.


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