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Chad Durham
Chad Durham Updated

M1 MacBook + New Design System plugin

Just about finished setting up my new Macbook M1 and all apps working flawlessly. Except one. Sketch and the New Design System manager. Simply adding an icon from a library hangs Sketch permanently- it's impossible to work on. Why has it taken Invision so long to update this? Apple Silicon Macs were announced in November. This is a major blocker for me using the M1 MacBook. I actually bought the new M1 Macbook as I was fed up hearing my Intel fans blazing every time I used Sketch and New Design System Manager. Turns out the fans were the least of my problem.

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Jessica Eisner
InVision ambassador Jessica Eisner , InVision Employee , ambassador

Chad Durham Thanks for reaching out on this. Please see the short-term workaround detailed here. Getting fixes in place for the new Apple Silicon M1 has taken longer than we expected and hoped for. We hear your frustration and know that the workaround isn't ideal. We are committed to fixing the problem as soon as we can. I've created a ticket on your behalf with our Support team so we can ensure you receive updates on the fix.

For anyone else encountering this issue, please create a support request so our Support team can inform you when the fix is released.

Chad Durham
InVision ambassador Chad Durham , ambassador

This Rosetta work around allows Sketch and the Craft plugin to function (albeit slowly).

But this does not address the DSM plugin not working. Our large design system works flawlessly on Intel machines, but stalls with every change or even accessing the design system assets on an M1 mac. This is a major blocker for us. All M1 Macbooks have been shelved until Invision offers support natively.

Chad Durham
InVision ambassador Chad Durham , ambassador

@Support team

The latest Sketch update (70.4) has fixed our DSM system stalling problems. I can now use Sketch under Rosetta. 

We now await the native support for DSM on M1.


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