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Joe Donohue
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Integrating an easier, faster flow for design-to-dev collaboration

InVision is all about continually knocking down the barriers to effective design-to-development collaboration, so teams like yours can gift the world those beautifully designed digital solutions all the faster. I mean, I for one could use something to lure me away from the constant doom scrolling these days, and a few more thoughtfully designed apps could go a long way to help! Sure, there's a slight chance that getting your designs into my particular hands isn't your biggest motivator, but I'd wager that deadlines, budgets, and the ever-more-crowded competitive landscape leave you more than ready to shave every second possible from your project flow.

Replacing outdated communication processes is an excellent place to start, and our Atlassian integrations let you sidestep old communication channels, like the dreaded email chain, so you can update developers on their home turf.

InVision partners with Atlassian to provide the integrations that let your designers and developers easily share the details needed to move projects forward without constantly leaving their respective tools. As a tech writer at InVision, I like to get up close and personal with each product before I start writing about it. That's given me ample opportunity to work with our Atlassian integrations and their related features, like the ridiculously easy plug-and-play Smart Links that Atlassian unveiled last summer.

With Smart Links, your developers can quickly see more context for the link, letting them notice at a glance that the link opens the prototype they need to build. Adding a Smart Link is a breeze, too:

  1. Copy the share link to your InVision document.
  2. Paste the link URL into the WYSIWYG editor in the Atlassian document.
  3. Click the link, click the Display as dropdown, and then select whether to display as a URL, link, card, or embed.

Your developers will appreciate the contextual preview for the link, and since they have the link right there in their Atlassian file, they can get started that much faster!

Smart Links are a terrific timesaver, but when it comes to ways that our Atlassian Integrations improve collaboration, that feature is really just the tip of iceberg. And that, my friends, is where you can make an impact for your InVision Community peers! What are some tips you can share about using any of our Atlassian integrations for project communication?

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