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Serdar Updated

Plan & Pricing Information Request

Hello Everyone

We are a team of developers and designers that intends to use invisionapp services for our future projects. Before we move onto an invision membership and the pricing plan that it entails, however, we kindly request clarification on some of the pricing-related pages on the website that raised questions for us that are somewhat head-scratchers. This page leads us to believe that we can opt for the pro plan with a monthly fee of 9.95 USD per user, or 7.95 USD if billed anually. For 5 users, this makes a total of 49.75 USD per month when billed monthly whereas for 12 users and 15 users, this sum reaches 119.40 USD and 149.25 USD respectively.

The reason for including these three price points for these specific number of users is that the current plan for the service we are receiving from our current service provider allows up to 5 users but our team has grown since and we have need for up to 12 users to be able to access our projects simultaneously.

That being said, we have encountered another pricing page (link above) on the website that further confuses us. While the previous page suggests that a pro membership for a team of five users costs 49.75 USD monthly, this page indicates that maintaining a five-user team in this plan costs 99 USD per month. Seeing as the user count that we require is at least five and reaches up to 12, this second page further complicates our understanding of whether or not we can make use of a 12-user plan at the aforementioned price of 119.40 USD per month since the option with the highest number of users on this page allows only 5 users at a much higher fee-per-user rate than the pro option advertised on the first page.

Another subject matter in question is whether there’s any project-based pricing/charging once we sign up with invision that may accrue additional or unexpected costs/fees depending on our utilization of this platform.

If you could help us understand these issues, we would really appreciate it and it would allows us to make a much better informed decision.


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Michael S
InVision ambassador Michael S , ambassador


Thanks for getting in touch, and I apologize for any confusion this may have caused. It looks like you are referring to our new V7 platform which is not fully available at this time. I’d be happy to explain the pricing differences between V6 and V7 however!

InVision Cloud V7 is the new iteration of our cloud platform and has a different pricing model compared to Cloud V6.

Cloud V6 subscriptions are based on the number of active projects and the number of designers that can create projects within an account. For example, the Professional plan is $25/month and allows the account owner to create an unlimited number of projects but they can add an unlimited number of collaborators to work on their projects.

Whereas the cost of a new Cloud V7 subscription is based per number of active users in a team. In this case, the Pro plan costs $9.95 per active user per month (or $7.95 if paying yearly), and allows users to invite up to 15 team members or guests. An active user is a team member or guest who has joined two or more of your team’s documents.

Check out our V6 Plans and Pricing article for more details or while you’re signed into your InVision account, visit this link to see which plans and pricing are available to you. We’re still gathering feedback around the new version and it won’t be possible for you to update your account to Cloud V7 just yet.

If you have any further questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to let us know!


InVision ambassador Serdar , ambassador Edited

Hello Michael

Thank you for your reply. Our team has several questions regarding v6 and v7 membership features and plans. There are a total maximum of 12 people that need to have access to our projects at any time but not all 12 of our team members need to have access at the same time. Let us suppose that we include 5 team members in a project than include another 4 members in another project. How would that combination affect our membership plan? Would our monthly payment differ as we switched, removed, moved, merged or added existing team members to and from different projects or if the total active team members changed on our overall project portfolio over the months?

Also, currently v6 allows us the use of a plugin. With this plugin, we are able to send the designs we created in sketch to the developers on the invision cloud. Does v7 have the same feature?

Finally, how many active users does the 25 USD pro plan for v6 support? Is it possible to make user additions to this plan by a standard payment per new user as in other plans? If so, what's the additional per-user cost in this plan?

Raynor B
InVision ambassador Raynor B , ambassador

Hi Serdar,

Thanks for getting back to us, and apologies for any confusion regarding the two environments. 

Your account is currently within the Cloud V6 environment, which is why you're seeing the Cloud V6 Professional and Team plan options when looking to upgrade. Currently, it's not possible to convert a V6 account to V7 account just yet, so you'll only have access to these plans, and not the V7 plans at this time. 

With that in mind, the Team plan allows for five seats, and members of this team are able to create and edit projects within the team space, comment, Inspect etc. Additionally both the Team plan and the Professional plan allows you to add as many collaborators to a prototype as you like. Collaborators are able to edit, comment and inspect only those prototypes they've been invited to (so they cannot create new projects within your account or team). They will require their own InVision account but this can be on the Free plan. 

You can read more about Collaborators in Cloud V6 here: Managing Collaborators

Circling back to your queries about Cloud V7 plans and users, I'll be happy to clarify this as well. 

  • The V7 Pro plan charges per active user per month.
  • You can up to 15 active users on the Pro plan.
  • An active user is any member of guest who has opened two or more of the teams documents.
  • If a member or guest has only opened one document, they will not become an active user, and will not incur an additional monthly charge.
  • A user will need to be removed from the team to remove their active user status (this is slightly different if billing annually). 

You can read more about active users here: What are active users in InVision V7?

I hope this information is helpful, Serdar, but please don't hesitate to let us know if you have any additional questions.



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