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Rudolph Smid

Pricing question

Hello everyone, Can anyone help me with the pricing model? If I have a single InVision Pro account (the one for 7.95), can I use it to invite up to 4 (or 5) members and can we all comment and prototype? Or does everyone need their own pro account? Or would I have to pay five times that? (Since there is talk of 7.95 per "active user"). Also, is Freehand completely free with any number of participants? I am excited about this tool. Thank you, have a nice weekend and best regards Rudolph

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Raynor B
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Hi Rudolph!

I'll be happy to point you in the right direction for this information. 

You can find our plan and pricing details for Cloud V7 here: Which InVision V7 plan is right for me?

To address your individual points: 

  1. Can you invite up to 4 or 5 members? —  Yes, the Pro plan allows you up to 15 active users (members or guests)
  2. Can we all comment and prototype? — Yes, members of your team can create documents within the team, and can comment on any documents they've been invited to. 
  3. Would I have to pay five times that? — On the Pro plan, you pay per active user per month. More on active users below.
  4. Is Freehand completely free? — Yes, Freehands are unlimited for both the Free and Pro plans. 

More on active users: 

An active user is any member or guest of the team who has opened two or more of the team documents, and each active user incurs an additional charge per month. If a team member or guest has only opened one of the team's documents, they will not become an active user, and will not incur any additional cost. 

If you want to share prototypes without that user becoming an active user, you might prefer to use a public share link, as share link viewers are not added to the team and do not count towards the team's active users. 

More on active users here: What are active users in InVision V7?

I hope that information addresses your queries, Rudolph!




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