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Mirko Updated

Hotspots in Overlays

Since this morning hotspots on overlays are not working for me anymore. This seems to be a bug that is experienced by multiple users, see here and here

The bug persists also while using the prototype in an incognito window in both Safari and Chrome. My layouts are uploaded through Craft (1.0.103) from Sketch (70.2) on macOS Big Sur (11.0.1.).

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Nicole Liang
InVision ambassador Nicole Liang , ambassador

Same issue here.

Claudia Monroy
InVision ambassador Claudia Monroy , ambassador

I've been dealing with this all day same issue in 3 different prototypes.

Tabata Hyppolite
InVision ambassador Tabata Hyppolite , ambassador

Same here for me and my team

I did not update my project since last week and everything was working fine at this time, but since today, the hotspots are not working in the overlays

Claudia Monroy
InVision ambassador Claudia Monroy , ambassador

They just started working for me now!

Camille M
InVision ambassador Camille M , InVision Employee , ambassador

Hi all,

Thanks for reaching out on this! We discovered an issue earlier this week with overlay hotspots not triggering in 'Play' mode.

I'm happy to share our engineers released a fix for this yesterday so we believe you should no longer run into this issue. We're terribly sorry for the hiccup!

Please give this another try if you run into any further issue, please submit a support request so we can dig in further.




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