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George Tang

How can i share the prototype link which start on the thumbnail screen or index screen?

Hi All, Seems i can't find a way to share my prototype link which start on the thumbnail screen or index screen, as i want the client to see all prototype page at once and select to open which page to see. I remember on the old invision version, they should have a "Thumbnail button" icon on bottom right, so at lease viewer can click on it to switch to the thumbnail screen, but now this function even disappear. Please help anyone!! Thanks, George

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Camille M
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Hi George,

Unfortunately, we don't have a way to send a share link that loads the all screens view by default. This was a feature we had available in V6, however, we do not currently have that ability in V7. 

Viewing all screens is still available in Cloud V7 share links, but it does look slightly different. This is achieved via the navigation breadcrumbs in the share link toolbar. Clicking the screen name in the breadcrumbs will open the screen drawer, from which they can click an expand button to view all screens:


That being said, we understand this is not as visible of a process as the previous V6 option. We've made sure to let our Product & Engineering team know about this and they are tracking it as a potential feature. I'm going to pass along your feedback as well so they can see the demand for this functionality.

Thanks again for reaching out, George​. Please don't hesitate to let me know if there's anything else we can help with!



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