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InVision ambassador ambassador
Konstantin Kaminski
Konstantin Kaminski Updated

Freehand on iPad Pro

First of all thank you for offering Freehand, very useful tool! I have noticed the following “issues” on the iPad Pro (tried both Invisionapp from App Store and in safari browser): 1. Apple Pencil tapping on the pencil does not trigger any switching, like between pencil and eraser for example. 2. I do not see any possibility to rotate text or elements vertically, for example turn text 45 degrees. 3. Triggering submenu of Pencil and Shape tool is buggy and does often not open the switch between pencil and eraser and respectively between rectangle, circle and line. Same problem with the three dots menu in the nav bar. 4. It’s not possible to select multiple elements without using the keyboard (shift key)? 5. It’s not possible to merge multiple lines or shapes into one element? 6. Images inserted on the board are grainy/low quality My apologies if I overlooked something. Any chance solving above issues? Looking forward hearing from you. Regards, Konstantin

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Mike Siegle
InVision ambassador Mike Siegle , ambassador

Hey Konstantin, 

So sorry to hear that you’re running into these issues! Thanks for providing the details you have here in Community for our team to use for further troubleshooting.

I’m opening a ticket on your behalf with our Support team so they can troubleshoot with you internally. Please keep an eye out for an email from one of our Support agents soon.

I apologize for any frustration and disruption that this issue is causing you!

Thanks for hanging in there,


Chaitanya Shah
InVision ambassador Chaitanya Shah , ambassador

Thank you Konstantin for posting this issue. 

I'm facing the similar issues. Turned out that Apple pencil is working but extremely buggy. 

I'm having an interview and the choice of whiteboard app is this Freehand app. I'm concerned. @Mike do you have any update on this? 

Konstantin Kaminski
InVision ambassador Konstantin Kaminski , ambassador

Invisionapp support has confirmed the issues but no solution or timeline has been provided unfortunately. 


Raynor B
InVision ambassador Raynor B , InVision Employee , ambassador

Hi Chaitanya and Konstantin,

Thanks for reaching out to our Community!

I can confirm that Apple Pencil is not currently supported for Freehands on the iPad. You can certainly use an Apple Pencil, but you may encounter issues with this.

With that said, I can see that you each have already added your vote to the feature request for supporting Apple Pencil. Our Product team are monitoring this feature request and as they plan for future updates, so rest assured that your interest has been passed on for their consideration. 

Thanks again for taking the time to offer your feedback on this!



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