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Jonatan Grönkvist
Jonatan Grönkvist Updated

Replacing all symbols from DSM in a new document

Hi there! I have a sketch master file with all customer keyscreens. All graphics in this file are linked to DSM, so no local symbols. Now I want to reskin the master file and replacing all the DSM symbols with a new library. How do I solve this, without doing to much manual work? It's possible to upload a new library file to DSM, but then I have to replace everything manually...


How do you download all symbols from DSM in to a sketch file so they are stored locally in the file?

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Michael S
InVision ambassador Michael S , ambassador


Thanks for getting in touch! Just to clarify, are you trying to update your DSM Library with your updated file, or are you wanting to create a new local file from your DSM Library? I'd just like to be sure I'm understanding what you're looking to accomplish before moving forward.

Thanks in advance!



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