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Yogesh Singh

What really happened to Macaw?

I was looking for tools that can provide me flexibility of design and development for my website and I stumbled upon Macaw by Invision. The website is still there, claiming to be the revolutionary future of Web Design, but a download link was nowhere to be found. Seemed to me that the project was shuttered. I also could not find any build anywhere that I can at least even try out. So, what really happened to Macaw and what are my alternatives for an offline tool to create a website?

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Camille M
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Hi Yogesh,

Thanks for taking the time to enquire about Macaw! Though we appreciate you taking the time to offer your thoughts, we announced the acquisition of Macaw by InVision. That means that the current version of Macaw (v1.6) will be the last version of Macaw released. We're making v1.6 available indefinitely, but no future development of Macaw will occur.

We hope you'll continue using Macaw as it exists today and we will continue providing general how-to support of Macaw, but feature requests and remaining bugs will not be fixed in Macaw.

Please be sure to also check out our new and powerful screen design tool, InVision Studio, which is FREE and a powerful way to make highly interactive prototypes more easily, which can also be run offline.

Please let us know if you've any questions about that.

Take care,



InVision ambassador Samuel , ambassador
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When I go to download Macaw, I am met with a 403 page


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