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InVision Prototype Compatibility

We have been working on an app prototype for a client that they will be using both on phones and on desktop. The whole design team works on Macbooks and mainly uses Chrome and Safari as browsers. We have tested the app several times before sharing with the clients to make sure everything works fine, and although it functions on our end we received the following feedback: - The app crashed for the 2 clients testing it on the exact same slide when they open it in Internet Explorer - On some phones they get this message: "This is a large prototype. To optimise your viewing experience we do not offer offline support for prototype of this size" -> Closing this message, they still get through to the design that works perfectly, but they want to avoid having this message pop up My guess is that this is compatibility issue with certain browsers/operating systems. The client mainly uses Windows. Would anyone know why the prototype might work better/worse on some phones/laptops and why it has issues on others? Is there anything we can do? Thanks ahead for the help.

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Hi ClydeCo,

Thanks for reaching out, and happy to dig into this for you!

The message you are seeing on movile is due to the size of your prototype and the fact that you are viewing the prototype in Safari on your iOS device. You are seeing this message because on smaller prototypes you can save your prototype for offline use in Safari. 

To avoid seeing this message, there are a couple of options. 

  • Open the prototype in the InVision App from the Apple App Store. This message is not displayed in the app.
  • You can also add the prototype to the homescreen using Safari's built in functionality. Once added to the homescreen, that message should not appear when opening the home screen link.
  • Lastly, the only other option would be to reduce the size of the prototype. I understand this is probably not a viable option, but I did want to mention it.

When viewing a prototype in Safari on iOS you’ll get an alert warning you that the prototype is too large for offline caching if the following criteria are met:

- All desktop prototypes viewed on mobile
- Any mobile prototypes over 50MB in total screen size
- Any mobile prototypes over 73 Screens

We implemented this in response to issues that we had seen in the past when larger prototypes couldn't be reliably committed to the Safari app cache, and so weren't consistently available offline. In contrast, we've found that prototypes which are less than 50 mb in screen size, fewer than 73 screens total, and aren't desktop-type prototypes do reliably cache, which is why we picked those thresholds.

We are tracking interest in a feature request to disable this warning, so I'll pass on your feedback to our product team.

Regarding the crashing you're seeing in Internet Explorer, we'll need to get some further information to investigate, but please note taht InVision V6 also supports Internet Explorer 11 in a limited capacity; Studio prototypes, Inspect mode, and the DSM web view may not support IE 11. Currently, InVision only supports a browser-zoom level of 100%. Using browser-zoom levels other than 100% (zoomed in or out) can result in web interface display issues such as missing or misaligned elements.

  • What version of IE browser and operating system are you using? You can get these details by going to, clicking “Copy”, and pasting the link it gives you here.
  • Could you provide a screencast showing how the project crashes when viewed?
  • Could you include an example share link to this project?

Look forward to hearing back!



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