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Difference between hotspots created with Craft and in InVision Cloud?

Hi Community! I am beginner in UX design and even in InVision. I would be grateful for your help. PROBLEM: What is the difference between hotspots created with Craft and in InVision Cloud? I have created most of hotspots in Craft, however not all of them are working, so I have decided to add new ones in InVision Cloud. It seems to be that I cannot re-craft Craft-hotspots in InVision Cloud. QUESTIONS: 1. Can these hotspots be mixed in one prototype? 2. What is the best practice regarding hotspots (e.g. better to stick to one type of hotspots?) Thanks so much, Nora

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Thanks for getting in touch! Hotspots can be built using the Craft Prototyping tool, or directly within your InVision account. Which method you choose is totally up to you! Typically we would recommend sticking to one or the other just to help avoid any confusion, but you should also be able to use both to add/remove hotspots as needed.

That being said, since it sounds like you're experiencing some trouble with the Craft hotspots, would you mind sharing a little information on what is going wrong? Can you also provide what version of Sketch, Craft Manager and the Craft Sync + Prototype tool you are using? You can find your Sync version by navigating to the Craft Manager modal, click on the Tools tab and hover over Sync.

We look forward to hearing back from you!



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