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Studio lag

I love Invision Studio so much, I was sold over the first day I saw what it could do. I am not complaining about not having text styles or repeat grid functions. Why does the app lag, At least, I use a 8 gig Dell laptop, it runs all other app smoothly, even after effects 2020, but invision seems to lack and crash most times when I am working. Svg files take longer moment to load. Things are just to stressful in Invision. Imagine waking up and filled with optimism and energy for the day and to jump on your pc only for Invision to lag. Please you need to fix them. Invision is the best tool in the UI/UX industry in my opinion. They would be better if their updates reduced lags and introduces more Tex style settings, Converting text into vector, I mean a lot of updates. I don't want to loose invision, but with lags like this, I might stop and switch bag to XD or Figma. Imagine getting worked up because of a tool not even the design challenge.

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