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Yan Chow Edited

Question on "You haven't been added to this account yet"

Hey guys, I have a simple question, but I can't figure it out.

I've sent an InVision invitation to a user at a sister company, but then they run into a page that says "You haven't been added to this account yet" and that the user should contact me. The URL for this page is "request_access"

What does this mean? 

  1. That they failed some portion of the sign-in process?
  2. Is there a back-end SSO issue blocking their email? Should I inform my company's IT dept instead? But there are other accounts from the sister company on our InVision account. Unless each user is a unique instance that IT has to allow for?
  3. That they haven't been given access to a Project?

I had this problem once before and I had to embarrassingly ask them to provide a personal email to see if that would work and it did! However, I would like to avoid from doing this again.

I've tried rescinding and re-sending the invitation and this person hasn't been able to gain access yet.

I'll ask this person a couple more questions for more information.  Like, which part of the invitation workflow did they go through before receiving this "You haven't been added to this account yet" roadblock.

Please help.  I look forward to insight on how to resolve this issue from happening again.




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