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Newbie question - Artboards all mixed up in Spaces


I'm new to Invision, so forgive the newbie question..

Is there a way to order the screens I've created in Studio and uploaded to Spaces?

I've created around 25 artboards (not sure if these are the same things as layers), but each artboard contains a different screen for my mobile app, and when I view them on Spaces the order of them is all mixed up. The reason this is a problem is when my collaborators view the project they naturally click the first screen, however this is actually the 3rd screen and not the Home screen.

In the screenshot below screen 3 has been set as the Home screen..

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FAHANMI Ambrose Wuraoluwa
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Hi Mark,

Since you created the artboards with studio, the boards are mostly arranged in the order that they were created (or the artboard they were duplicated from).
The 3rd screen is most likely set as the default home artboard and you can easily change it. (Check this article).

The easiest way to rearrange as the order is a one time thing is to create links to the succeeding artboards (you can use timer or tap animation).

And yeah, artboards are different from layers; layers are the elements or assets in your artboards.
I hope this helps.



InVision ambassador Mark , ambassador
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Ah, ok.

So I'm kind of stuck with the order I have then...unless I recreate the artboards in the order I want them shown...

Thanks for the explanation.


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