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Austin Montgomery
Austin Montgomery Updated

Component Text

Hi all - I'm rather new to Invision Studio and have a use case for creating a component with placeholder text. As the component is re-used, the text would be updated in the subsequent component. However, it seems this is not supported? I wanted to confirm that either it wasn't supported or that there is a workaround. 

My use case: I'm creating a dashboard with 10 KPIs. Each KPI has the same structure with a text label, current number, previous number and trend arrow. I'd like the text label, current number and previous number to be placeholder text that I can update so the KPIs have different values relevant to the label.


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Emily Kirkman
InVision ambassador Emily Kirkman , ambassador

Hi Austin!

I believe InVision Studio does support this and I found this video, which goes over component overrides:

This video explores:

  • Overriding position
  • Overriding style
  • Overriding text (skip to 2:34 of video)
  • Resetting overrides

You can also checkout some other handy link like Master the power of InVision Studio for some short videos around this subject:
I hope this helps! If this is not what you are referring to, feel free to respond with some screenshots :)
If anyone else has tips to share, please feel free to join in and add a comment!


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