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Brian King

Public share link for Studio project won't open in Invision iOS app when not signed in


I've created a prototype for user testing in Studio but the public share link I've created is not behaving as expected. We'll be doing remote testing with our users and planned on having them download the invision app on their device to view the prototype in order to avoid having a web browser header constantly displaying, but we did not want to make them create an account since this is a one time scenario for them.

Whenever I create a standard invision prototype within your web tool and generate a public share link, I can tap that link in an email or message on my phone and it will launch the prototype in the Invision app without making me sign in. This is the functionality I was hoping for. However when I publish my Studio project to Invision and generate a public shared link for that (which has an entirely different UI than generating a public share link on a regular Invision project), tapping that link will open the Invision mobile app but then display an "Access Denied" message claiming I may not be on the correct account.

Why does the mobile app open regular Invision public links but not Studio public links when not signed in?

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