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Aleksandr Litvak Edited

Support for Storybook v6

I've upgraded storybook to v6.0.21 and @invisionapp/dsm-storybook" to 0.0.133 but upon getting everything figured out I get the following error in my console "Uncaught UnsupportedVersionError: Unsupported @Storybook version (undefined)." When can we expect support for storybook v6 and is there anyway to avoid this error?

This error occurs on 'yarn start-storybook' but 'yarn dsm-storybook preview' seems to build correctly

Also as a side note in the documentation ( there is no "withDsm" and "getDefaultDsmOptions" references in 0.0.133 for @invisionapp/dsm-storybook, I only found getDsmOptions

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Dan Langston
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We are getting the same results. It looks like their branch to support v6 is just waiting to be merged on github? - ( 


Chirag Kular
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"getDefaultDsmOptions" is changed to "getDsmOptions". Looked at the github example storybook-6-support


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