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InVision ambassador ambassador
Sajin Thomas
Sajin Thomas Updated

Craft showing error - "something went wrong" and sign out account automatically

While Synching file from sketch to Invision craft showing an error - "something went wrong" and sign out account automatically. This problem is only with a single account.
It was working fine before. Now showing this defect.

Please help me to solve this. 

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InVision ambassador Arno , ambassador


So I had the same issue yesterday and this morning. To fix the issue, I signed out on InVision in my browser, and then had to re-sign in to Craft on the Craft app. It redirects you to InVision and then requests you to sign in.

Before I signed out of InVision, Craft did not request my username and password, but after I signed out of InVision, it did request my username and password. And it seemed to be working fine after that.

Hope this helps.


Emily Kirkman
InVision ambassador Emily Kirkman , ambassador

Hi Sajin, 

Sorry to hear you were experiencing this. Also, thank you to Arno for that quick response to help!

Did this suggestion help? If not I can bring this up to Katie, the Community Moderator who will open a ticket on your behalf.

Looking forward to hearing form you. 


Daniel Kruk
InVision ambassador Daniel Kruk , ambassador

I am also running into this issue, I tried using the fix mentioned above but it did not fix it. Please try to have a fix for this as soon as possible, thanks!

Johnathon Sanchez
InVision ambassador Johnathon Sanchez , ambassador

I also ran into this issue today, I tired what was suggested above but it didn't work. Hopefully someone has found a solution.

Sebastian Bohm
InVision ambassador Sebastian Bohm , ambassador

I had a similar problem today. But I did not get an error message when I signed in - I was logged in and automatically logged out 2 seconds later.

Arno's solution worked for me. Once completely log out of InVision in the browser and then log in again using the Craft Manager app. After that everything worked again.

Sajin Thomas
InVision ambassador Sajin Thomas , ambassador Edited

Hi Emily,

This is resolved!!


Mike Siegle
InVision ambassador Mike Siegle , ambassador

Hey everyone,

Thanks for reaching out to us on this thread. We understand how frustrating it is to wait for a fix to an issue. The Engineering team is aware of the issue and we've determined the cause of this issue, so hopefully this shouldn't pop up again. 

Additionally, it looks like you’ve all gotten in touch with one of our Support team members who have gotten this handled. 

If you run into these troubles again, feel free to reach out to the Support agent you were working with. 

Sorry for the troubles this has caused and thanks for bearing with us,


If anyone else is experiencing this issue, please email to report the issue you’re encountering.


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