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Simon Gloor

Icon Font between Devices and Platforms

Hey there,

When I open my studio file with different machines, the font always gets lost. To be exact, the icon is still correctly in the text, the font is also correctly availlable, even when I've saved the file on a machine without the fonts, but the font isn't visible. I need to select the font again to repair it and see the correct font.

I suppose the font does not connect to the right font in the os. Basically the font is linked to the font on my other machine, not to a type of font.

Also the font doesn't appear in the web prototype, but that's probably a different issue that should already have a post and an open issue.


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Mike Siegle
InVision ambassador Mike Siegle, InVision Employee , ambassador
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Hey Simon, 

Sorry to hear of the troubles you're having getting your fonts to render properly. 

To get a better idea why this is happening, could you provide a few screenshot showing what’s going wrong with your fonts?

Also, what are the two devices you're using? 

Looking forward to hearing back!

All the best,



Simon Gloor
InVision ambassador Simon Gloor , ambassador
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Concerning the issue with the two devices:

I was able to solve the issue partially. The problem was, that I had different versions of the same font installed. Basically I installed Font Awesome by downloading it from the website as soon as I needed it on the device. They did some changes in between, like adding an icon, and the new version was recognized by Studio as a different Font.

I would recommend you to check your code for superfluous checks that lead to this error, like comparing the hash, font length and so on. I never had this issue for example in Adobe products as they probably just compare the name of the font. Also the workaround requires me to keep track of which version is installed while it also prevents me from updating my font.

All the best,



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