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Rafael Schneider

How to get rid of the iPad Skin on a prototype on the iPad?!

Hi there

The whole purpose of Invision for me is to showcase prototypes on the devices itself. How do I get rid of the iPad interface that wraps around the interface when I open an Invision link in Sfari?? Requesting the mobile site doesn't work as well. If I remember correctly this used to work a few months ago - at least with the iPhone. I was able to send myself a prototype link, open it up in Safari, add the page to my homescreen, open the page and have a nice prototype experience. Is it still possible to make a prototype feel like a real product?

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Camille M
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Hi Rafael,

Sorry for the issue you’re having with viewing prototypes on mobile browsers!

Can you share a couple more details, when you have a moment?

  • What model device and version of mobile OS are you on?
  • What mobile browser and version number are you using?
  • Can you share a screenshot or screencast of this behavior occurring?
  • If you're comfortable posting it, can you send over the share link that you're using?

I know this is a frustrating problem to come across, but this information will be valuable in helping us troubleshoot this for you. 




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