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Pauly Updated

Member cannot Manage Labels (approve/change labels of a screen)

Hi, I have multiple Members in my team. Some Members can 'approve' screens (Manage Labels) as per:

I have other Members in the same team who can not manage labels. These members happen to be customers who effectively cannot sign off designs, so this is seriously impeding my project. 

Thanks for your help. 

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Emily Kirkman
InVision ambassador Emily Kirkman , ambassador

Hi Pauly,

It sounds like you're referring to similar issues as you described in your other post. I hope my response helped as I would suggest it here too:

Send a public share link to the other members and they will then have the ability to view, interact (click through), and leave comments on your prototypes. Then, specifically, you can inform your client to place a comment or note to determine the sign-off status. If you want to be notified they can can mention your name or use the @project tag. 

Please let us know if this helps, or if you're running into a separate issue.

See my screenshot for reference:

InVision ambassador Pauly , ambassador

Hi, I provided the link showing "how do I approve a screen". The option is available to me and other Members. It is NOT available to other Members who are the customer. See attached. The ability to select a screen is not available to them and subsequently cannot change label. They already have access to the space/screens, can comment etc. 


Camille M
InVision ambassador Camille M , ambassador

Hi Pauly,

Thanks for sending over that screenshot for us! 

It would appear that the users that are unable to add screen labels to your document don't have the appropriate editing permissions on that project.

You can view more details on the access to screen label options here - Screen Labels - Access and Limitations

You can see the steps to update a user's permissions for a document here - What are the permission settings for InVision V7 documents?

Let us know if that helps you resolve the issue.




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