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InVision ambassador ambassador
Lea Gucciardi
Lea Gucciardi Updated

Maintain scroll position after click not working in Craft of Cloud Prototypes links

Using: browser Invision

Browser: Chrome latest

Prototype: iPhone

All hotspots have "maintain scroll position after click" enabled. I tried this using BOTH craft hotspots synced to the prototype, which didn't work. Then deleted then and manually made hotspots in InVision cloud. Didn't work.

Demo of the prototype not working/maintaining sccroll position.


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official comment

Katie Glenn
InVision ambassador Katie Glenn , InVision Employee , ambassador

Hi everyone! Thank you for your patience as our team investigated and developed a fix for this issue. They have tested it and confirmed that this now works as expected. We're so sorry for the inconvenience this caused and appreciate you letting us know so we could take care it.


Camille M
InVision ambassador Camille M , ambassador

Hi Lea,

So sorry to hear that you’re running into this issue! Thanks for providing the details you have here in Community for our team to use for further troubleshooting.

I’m opening a ticket on your behalf with our Support team so they can troubleshoot with you internally. Please keep an eye out for an email from one of our Support agents soon.

I apologize for any frustration and disruption that this issue is causing you!

Thanks for hanging in there,

Penelope Singer
InVision ambassador Penelope Singer , ambassador

I am having the same problem.

InVision ambassador Matt , ambassador

Me too, any updates if there is a fix needed?


Martina Asara
InVision ambassador Martina Asara , ambassador

Same problem with me! Help us please :)

Lee Smith
InVision ambassador Lee Smith , ambassador

Same problem here too, any updates welcome.


Emily Kirkman
InVision ambassador Emily Kirkman , ambassador

Hi everyone, 

I have informed Katie, the Community Moderator, on this and she will help progress and track this issue.

Many thanks to everyone for all of your input.


Camille M
InVision ambassador Camille M , ambassador

Hi Penelope, Matt, Martina and Lee,

Thank you all for letting us know that you're affected by this issue!

This is a bug our team are currently investigating into, so I'll go ahead an open tickets for each of you with our Support team so we can troubleshoot further, and notify you of fixes as they become available.



Michael Steinhofer
InVision ambassador Michael Steinhofer , ambassador

I'm having the same issue.

Nikki Lo Bue
InVision ambassador Nikki Lo Bue , ambassador

I am also experiencing this issue.

InVision ambassador Frida , ambassador

So am I!

InVision ambassador Denise , ambassador

Also having this issue as of today.

InVision ambassador laurent , ambassador


David Scott
InVision ambassador David Scott , ambassador

When is this due to be fixed? 

Michelle Senn
InVision ambassador Michelle Senn , ambassador

Same problem ... :(

InVision ambassador Chris , ambassador

Same problem for at least 3 months now, any resolution planned for this - prototypes are very unprofessional with every click scrolling to the top.

Justin Schulte
InVision ambassador Justin Schulte , ambassador

How has this not been resolved yet. It makes the prototypes bascially unusable. Our company pays alot of money for all these accounts, and this is a basic requirement that needs to be fixed.


Joe Morris
InVision ambassador Joe Morris , ambassador

We're having trouble with this too! The timing is terrible. 

Would love to hear from someone from InVision. 

Fiona MacPherson
InVision ambassador Fiona MacPherson , ambassador

Add me to the list of users having this problem! I am now considering moving to another platform to prototype as this function is integral to providing as close to a real experience as possible when testing with users... so frustrating.

Michéle (Mikele) De Sousa
InVision ambassador Michéle (Mikele) De Sousa , ambassador

Hi everyone, 

It pains us to hear that you are all running into the same issue!

Thank you for reaching out and we will provide feedback as soon as we can.

I have gotten in touch with our Community Moderator in order to assist in terms of feedback.

Thanks again.

Stay awesome! 

Marc Directo
InVision ambassador Marc Directo , ambassador

Add me to the list also.

Theresa Bremer
InVision ambassador Theresa Bremer , ambassador Edited

Experiencing this as well, specifically on mobile prototypes, which is creating confusion. Please advise.

InVision ambassador sara , ambassador

Having the same problem. 

Fiona MacPherson
InVision ambassador Fiona MacPherson , ambassador Edited

Just an FYI - I have received an email and now confirmed on my mobile prototypes that this behaviour has been fixed. Thanks to the Invision support crew for following it up and resolving it :) 

Maria Angeles Lluna
InVision ambassador Maria Angeles Lluna , ambassador

I'm having this issue. The program is not keeping the scrolling position, only in some screens. It is weird that it doesn't happen in all. I don't know what to do. Help, please!


Raynor B
InVision ambassador Raynor B , ambassador

Hi Maria,

Thanks for reaching out to our Community today! I'm sorry to hear that you're having some difficulties with scroll position.

So that our Support team can troubleshoot this further, could you please provide some more information:

  • If you're comfortable/able to share here, could you please provide some screenshots or a screen recording showing this issue occurring?
  • If you try accessing this via a private/incognito window, does the issue persist? 
  • Could you please confirm your browser and OS details by going to, clicking the “Copy” button, and pasting the link it gives you into your reply?

Looking forward to hearing back from you!


InVision ambassador Justyna , ambassador

I have the same problem. Yesterday I did testing with users, everything worked. Since today all "scroll to anchor position on transition" as well as "maintain scroll position after click" are broken. 

I use Brave browser (although is says Chrome) -

I cleared browsing data and I tried my prototype on incognito window - no change, the problem is still there. 

During testing I share the prototype with users through SMS, they use mobile device, it's hard for me to say which browser they use, but they experience exactly the same bug as me on desktop through Brave. 

Video of the issue:

Please request the prototype link if you need it, I'll share it in PM. 

InVision ambassador Kati , ambassador

Having the same problem since Yesterday... It seems to be a recurrent problem.

InVision ambassador Cristina , ambassador

Me too.. "Maintain scroll position after click" is not working properly. Help, please!

Maria Fernandez
InVision ambassador Maria Fernandez , InVision Employee , ambassador Edited

Hi Waytobill, Kati, and Cristina,

So sorry to hear that you’re running into this issue with your prototypes. I’ll be opening tickets on your behalf with our Support team so they can troubleshoot further. Please keep an eye out for an email from one of our Support agents soon.

Kati, I can see that you already submitted a ticket and our team is reviewing the information you provided. They will be following up with you via that ticket.

I apologize for any inconvenience that this issue is causing you!


If anyone else is experiencing this issue, please submit a request to report the issue you’re encountering.


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