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InVision ambassador ambassador
Kevin The
Kevin The Updated

Commenting feature not working and buggy

HI Team,


Please see the screenshots below. It seems that the commenting feature for my Invision Studio prototype is not working. Here is the situation :

1. My co-worker had given total of 6 comments an hour ago but when I checked, only 1 comment are available. The rest is missing and I can't find it.

2. The comments are docking when I scroll up/down and this make the location of the comments not static - hard to pinpoint the location of the comments.

3. I can't reach bottom of my page! Need to zoom out around 70-80% to see the rest of my prototype.


For point (1), this is weird since I think last week the commenting feature works just fine. And it very disrupting my workflow with my co-workers, since we need feedbacking and collaboration as soon as possible.

For point (2) and (3), this has appear since the first time I used Invision Studio prototyping feature. My company use paid account but we found it weird that Invision's own Studio had lesser-quality prototyping feature compared to the Craft plugin (Sketch) based. The feature are way less and it's more buggy, less usable too. We think it should be at least on the same quality. The Craft based one has a much more advanced and detailed feature! Its very annoying too since we essentially paid more for less quality.

Please look into this as soon as possible.



Thank you and best regards



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Emily Kirkman
InVision ambassador Emily Kirkman , ambassador

Hi Kevin,

Sorry to hear you are encountering this issue! With regards to the comments, I wonder if it requires clearing cookies/cache? Sometimes refreshing the browser helps if there is an old tab open that it outdated (without the comments) or trying to open it in incognito mode to see if it still happens? I have also let Shaina, the Community Moderator, know about this issue. You can expect InVision support to follow up with your comment soon!

Hope this helps!


Shaina Torgerson
InVision ambassador Shaina Torgerson , ambassador

Hi Kevin,

This sounds like some really odd behavior! Sorry to hear that you and your team are running into these issues with comments. As Emily mentioned above, can you please try:

  1. Clearing your cache/cookies
  2. Attempt this is an incognito/private browser window

Additionally, can you please provide the following details to assist us with troubleshooting?:

  1. The version of Studio that you're using
  2. Your browser details which you can find here
  3. A screenshot of your "About this Mac" overview or other OS details
  4. When did you notice this starting to happen, or has it always been an issue?

Look forward to hearing back,


  1. Is this happening with all Studio prototypes or one in particular?
InVision ambassador Taylor , ambassador

Hi Emily Kirkman, Shaina Torgerson,

Any traction on this?

I'm using the latest version of Invision Studio on a PC and I am experiencing similar issues.
The client and I will have a long meeting which results in many comments being left on the prototype.

I then update that screen and the comments appear to be available on the prototype but when I go to comment mode there are no comment dots on the screen.


Any help is is greatly appreciated as I lose valuable information every time I update a screen.


Kind Regards,


Emily Kirkman
InVision ambassador Emily Kirkman , ambassador

Hi Taylor,

Thanks for sharing your issue with us and providing screen shots, this is very helpful!
I have no longer encountered this issue myself and have not been able to replicate it, so to re-investigate this I will notify our new Community Moderator, Jessica Eisner.

I understand the importance and value of using comments, so I hope this issue is resolved as soon as possible!

All the best,


Kevin The
InVision ambassador Kevin The , ambassador

Hi team,

Sorry forgot to reply - yes I don't encounter this issue anymore, it works fine for me both on my mobile and desktop prototype. You can try copy pasted the links in incognito to see if the comments are there or not.

One thing that I wish Invision team can apply is to not make the comments movable/draggable - so the comments will stay at it is when we are browsing the screen, because the comments move a lot especially when we are on smaller screens such as mobile. This is important because if the comments keep moving we can't see which part of the design needs feedback. 

Also, I also suggested to add "resolve" function a la Google Slides so we can disclose and resolve feedbacks.


Thanks again for all the suport from the Studio team!


Raynor B
InVision ambassador Raynor B , InVision Employee , ambassador

Hi Taylor, 

We're sorry to hear that you're having some issues with this, but thanks for reaching out to our Community.

Since the original issue mentioned in this thread appears to be resolved, I’ll be opening a ticket on your behalf with our Support team so they can dig into the issue you're encountering . Please keep an eye out for an email from one of our Support agents soon.

We'll look forward to assisting you via the ticket. 



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