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InVision ambassador ambassador
Brian Updated

How can I publish individual Artboards?

Here is what I want to do:

For a single Page there are 13 Artboards.  Each Artboard is going to be worked on by individual teams.

I would like each Artboard to have it's own unique publishing link instead of a single link that leads to the overall Page / Project.

In this way, I can have a dedicated link to view the progress of an Artboard rather than scrolling through the entire Page / Project looking for specific Artboards.

Is this possible?




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FAHANMI Ambrose Wuraoluwa
InVision ambassador FAHANMI Ambrose Wuraoluwa , ambassador

Hi Brian,

Currently, it is not possible to have individual publishing links for artboards as the publishing links are created for single documents or prototypes.
However, another possibility (though a bit bulky) will be to have each artboard in individual documents, that way you have unique links. Then after the necessary work, you can merge the artboards into a document.

A bit bulky but does the trick.


Emily Kirkman
InVision ambassador Emily Kirkman , ambassador Edited

Hi Brian,

This can be a bit more effort to accomplish as Wurah mentioned. The best approach to take might depend on the complexity of the prototype, the number of people involved, and the number of Studio files you're happy to work with. Creating multiple Studio files and merging at the end is definitely one way. I'd say see what suits the people involved and get their input to see if there is a quicker/simpler way to approach it thats comfortable for all involved. 

Still, I wanted to test an approach keeping everything within the one Studio Prototype. So I used a template file to see how to produce a unique link for separate Artboards from one Studio prototype. 

In one Studio file, you can generate a link for individual Artboard(s) by putting the individual Artboard(s) onto their own separate Pages. In other words, it's like creating two prototypes from the same Studio file.

This will allow you to publish the Page with the individual Artboard thereby creating its own unique link. To keep everything up to date I also set the Artboards as components.

To show this, I simplified the screens with blocks of color so not to complicate the process (this may still look scary, but it's not!). 

Setting up the Studio file:

What I did is create 14 Pages, one with all Artboards together called "All Artboards" and one for each Artboard 1 -13. Publishing the Page "All Artboards" will produce one unique link for the overall project (see below). I open the link and set it aside while I continue.

Next I publish an Artboard which we've now set up on separate Pages

Publishing the individual Artboard:

On the Page I titled "Artboard 4", to publish, I click New (not same as "All Artboards") and then Rename it to "Artboard 4". *Careful not to update the other prototype just published. Then I click Publish and click Copy Link to view in my browser or you can click the open in web icon.


This will produce an individual link for this individual Artboard/Page. See result screenshots below where I compare side by side the "All Artboards" link with "Artboard 4" link.

All from the same Studio Prototype: Left image: One unique link to one Artboard, which I set up on its own Page. Right image: All Artboards which were on another Page


Only thing missing is the device when previewing the single Artboard project, but the Prototype and interactions will still be intact.


After this, I actually tested it using one of Studio's example files/templates called Carousal. This included more interactions in the Prototype, but it achieved the same result which was two separate links/prototypes from the same Studio Prototype. Both Prototypes completely working as expected with interactions included. This involved 2 Artboards on one Page, and 2 Artboards on another Page. I only changed the background so the Artboards in this case were not components.



It’s also possible to generate specific screen links directly in InVision V6 or the latest InVision V7. The following articles I found explain the way to do this.

For InVision V7, check out this article: Share specific prototype screens in InVision V7

If you’re on V6 of InVision, you can check out this article:

How do I share specific screens only?

If you or someone else finds an alternative approach, please feel free to share!

Thanks for reading!


InVision ambassador Brian , ambassador

Thank you all for your suggestions!


I'll certainly see if the team and I can work with them.



Emily Kirkman
InVision ambassador Emily Kirkman , ambassador

No problem Brian, happy to help!



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