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Garrett Anderson Edited

Help Me Understand Why New DSM Doesn't Have Sync To Document Feature

I am in the process of migrating my teams design system to the new DSM. As I understand it, the new version was released with the ability to use managed libraries that resemble sketch libraries, solving the previous DSM iterations issue of having to start from scratch and drag in  design components from the DSM plugin every time you opened a new sketch file. Great!

Here's the problem:

In the previous iteration of the DSM plugin, there was a sync button that allowed you to sync the elements in your sketch file that had been added via the DSM, and keep them up to date with the changes you had made to your design system. It can be seen in the picture attached. But the NEW DSM plugin does not have a function like this. This means that now I have access to all the components from my design system via the use of managed libraries (truly awesome), but I can't retroactively update my DSM components that are sourced from those libraries. 

Why was this feature not included in the release of the new DSM? This must now be a problem affecting virtually every design team already using DSM and migrating to the new version, right? For teams with lots of sketch files filled with designs that use components pulled in from the legacy DSM plugin, how will they update these components with changes made to these managed libraries that now represent their design system and act as the living document? This seems like a huge issue, perhaps enough for my team to just not adopt the new DSM until there is a feature that addresses this. But, I don't see it anywhere in the roadmaps laid out for new DSM, and support agents have only mentioned they are "tracking interest" in this feature. 

Please someone correct me if I am wrong. I would love to be wrong about this and be able to easily adopt new DSM. 

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Shaina Torgerson
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Thank you so much for both reaching out here in Community and for opening a ticket with our Support team, Garrett! I noticed that one of our Support agents has already linked you up to the following feature request:

  • Add ability to replace/remap existing Sketch Symbols and Style masters in a project design to point to New DSM Design System (Library)

To address some of your comments and questions here a bit more in depth, the New DSM will keep the Library file updated with any new Draft changes if you're using that. You can also switch versions and click that purple button at the top right of Sketch as seen here. This notification in the top right corner of Sketch that says, "Library updates available", will show you everything that has changed. If there are no changes, this notification does not exist.

As for your question about updating components for "teams with lots of Sketch files filled with designs that use components pulled in from the Legacy DSM plugin", I suggest checking out the following video starting at around 4:19:

In addition to the information above, I suggest checking out the following articles from our DSM Getting Started Guide as you move over to the New DSM:

I hope this additional information helps! If have any follow up questions, please don't hesitate to reach out again.

Have a wonderful day,



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