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Emily Kirkman
Emily Kirkman Updated

Ever want to bring Illustrations into your work?

If you're like me, you love to see illustrations used on websites or apps. Google, Deliveroo, and InVision are some websites I can't help admiring their lovely illustrations. Well here is something new for you to check out! I came across a beautiful website, which brings a whole new level to applying illustrations into your work. Currently a FIGMA plugin, but the Sketch plugin is coming soon (and I can't wait!), it's called Blush

Before telling you more about it, I'd just like to mention that illustrations can serve such a great purpose when designing for digital products or services. They can bring more of a human aspect that can easily get lost in some websites these days. Replacing heavy content with shorter messaging along with a simple illustration can go a long way and be so memorable. It could even lead to animation to help improve engagement as done with the Duolingo app where they have Duo, their owl mascot! 

Here is a clear and clever example from InVision informing me of some Craft updates available. How pleasant to see a visual with a caption like this in the middle of a work day, wouldn't you agree? Its so relatable and clearly caught my attention. I literally felt like a friend was tapping me on the shoulder reminding me to take a break from my work.

As simple as this was, I'm sure it went through many different people or iterations, but they nailed it. The timing was just right and the illustration so simple. InVision treats illustration as a huge part of their brand if you are familiar with their products. With illustrations applied while keeping users in mind, it's going to bring enjoyable user experiences. Now, lets focus on this new tool that can help us brighten up those screens!

As I mentioned, Blush offers digital illustrations that are unique in every way. They are simply stunning to look at and all illustrations are designed by illustrators and artists around the world. I highly recommend if you haven't already clicked the link above, check it out! Finally, brought to every designers finger tips, this tool allows you to custom build illustrations, tailoring them to your needs. From swapping colors, changing hair styles, even changing patterns to your liking! The possibilities are endless!

I think we should all explore our creativity and convince whoever we need to convince that illustrations can bring that joy we're all missing!

Know of any other websites that use illustrations well? Feel free to share! 

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