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Caitlin Cambron

How my day-to-day has shifted working with blind developers - and how I still use InVision Inpsect!

I've made a couple of posts about how I design with blindness in mind, specifically using Studio + Prototype and Boards. I also use Inspect with blind developers.

I was tasked with a creating a non-coded prototype so that a technical team could estimate work effort. Several of the developers involved were blind, so they needed an accessible tool to see the designs. Since Inspect is web-based it was the best option for them to understand the detail of the design, because websites are typically more accessible than desktop apps.

I'm still on the journey to learning more, but Inspect really helped me and the developers feel more confident in our ability to communicate with each other.

How have you collaborated with blind developers? What tools did you find useful?

Cheers! - Caitlin

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