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Hou Teng Leow

Feature Request: Sync Sketch styles to InVision variables

I just found out that there's a beta feature on InVision where you can define variables. It seems really useful when you are communicating with developers on the design styles.

However, this is quite a manual process at the moment as you have to do it directly on InVision.

It would be great to have it as a sync option on the Craft plugin to sync it directly.

Thank you!

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Laura Cunha
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Hi Hou Teng Leow,

Thank you for taking the time to weigh in our community! You're spot on to note that you can create custom style variables in Inspect. You can learn more here: Can I define custom styles in Inspect?

If you created a style in a Sketch library before syncing, you'll also automatically see that original style name in Inspect when the corresponding layer/group is selected. See annotated area #1 in the example screenshot below.

If I misunderstood your question and you actually mean to achieve something else, please let me know!




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