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Brian Thompson Edited

Multiple devices in one project

Does anyone have a work-around for showing multiple devices within one project? I design mobile, tablet and desktop together and would love the ability to show them all on their respective devices within one project.

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Michéle (Mikele) De Sousa
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Hi Brian

Thanks for reaching out and hope you are doing well and staying safe.

It depends, if you are doing the responsive view of a website, then there is nothing to prevent you from uploading to one project. However, if you are doing a web version, a tablet app version and a mobile app version, creating all in one project is not the recommended way to go. Also, it depends on the number of screens as having everything in one project can make navigating to screens and creating or updating flows in the prototype cumbersome. 

InVision recommends creating a project for the intended device, i.e. mobile prototype for mobile screens. This allows you to use the capability of the device, i.e. if you create a mobile prototype, you can then create an app icon that sits on the home screen, for example. There are other capacity limitations as well.

However, a workaround is you can upload all screens and flows to a project, and then share a link for the start of the flow for desktop, tablet and mobile. This will allow you to share the link to the intended devices, and you will be able to showcase there. Just a side note, doing it this way may cause issues on the device, i.e. mobile may have horizontal scroll ability etc. 

So, in summary:

  • Do your flows for desktop, tablet and mobile.
  • Upload screens to one project.
  • Share a link for desktop flow to use on desktop.
  • Share a link for tablet flow to use on tablet or iPad.
  • Share a link for mobile flow to use on mobile device.

Again, you may experience some errors or capability limitations doing it this way, but it depends on the devices.

Hope this helps and let us know if we can assist you further. 

Stay awesome! 


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