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Emily Kirkman zoro Edited

Overwhelmed with all the possibilities of design?

With all of the abundance of information and possibilities out there, what are some reasons that have stopped you from pursuing your art or design interests further?


For me, at times I have been overwhelmed with information overload! I've been so inspired and so motivated by others and their work so much that it has made me become almost counter productive. There is really such a wide breadth of areas I'd love to tackle, but realistically I can only take on so much at a time.

My personal way of approaching this has been simply this (not in any specific order):

  • Step back to try to learn how I can proceed with what I can do next. Hopefully you know yourself enough and understand your limits or areas you would need more time to practice or work on. I'd say just don't be afraid of taking a few days or weeks to get something done. The important thing for me has been to stick with it. I don't like to end up with work only half done as I have easily done in the past.
  • Reduce the amount of articles I read or the time I go on my phone where I get easily distracted by endless browsing of talent on Dribble or Instagram. I am so guilty of this, but I don't feel bad about it. It's easily accessible information and I love it. However, this is what I am trying to dial down on so that I can complete work of my own to share. This also helps me narrow my focus so I can feel like I can actually get the task completed with no stress or pressure involved. Its meant to be fun! 

  • Once I reach that moment of 🌟 inspiration 🌟, I try to stop and act on it then and there. I can be so forgetful or postpone ideas for another time, but then I may never come back to them. Not in all cases, but more time than I'd like. I think it can be an accomplishment for us to recognize when we do make false promises to ourselves. This can help us to understand how we work individually and with a bit of motivation, we can help improve on ourselves so that we are happy with what we do in the end. Acting on the task has surprisingly worked well for me. I only tackled a handful of tasks as  like to start off small. Within a day or two I have managed to complete a few illustrations and read books I had kept putting off for a long time. I've actually managed to create a sort of routine. A very flexible one so that I don't feel bad if I don't stick with it. I just include it now on days I feel that a bit of motivation coming on.

I will leave it there. I'd love to hear back from you if you have any experiences or tips to share with us all? We have all been there at least one stage. Let's break some barriers and help each other through sharing our own experiences. I hope some of my tips have been helpful and now maybe one of you has a helpful solution that just might work for myself or others too! Post in the comments below!

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FAHANMI Ambrose Wuraoluwa
InVision ambassador FAHANMI Ambrose Wuraoluwa , ambassador
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Awesome tips Emily.

I personally like to create a bucket list of inspirations and then create timelines and deadlines for each ideas that comes up.
This way as sure helped me determine how much I have done and how much I am lagging.

Gives me even more drive to tick off items from my bucket list.


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