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Sandesh Updated

syncronize web file in the desktop application

Hi, I am very new to invision .  I am a front  end developer and now I needed to develop the design file  from the invision. 

My team designer has shared file with me and I can see the file when I sign in to the invision webisite but I can not see the same project After I downloaded the invision Studio desktop application. 


I don't understand what I should do here. I was expecting the file will be automatically get synchronized when i log in  from desktop application. . 

I would appreciate someone can help me with the problem.

Thank you.

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Caitlin Cambron
InVision ambassador Caitlin Cambron , ambassador Edited

Hi Sandesh! Welcome to InVision 👋🏻

I am happy to explain a few things and point you in the right direction to see those design files. If you want a general overview of Studio, here are two guides: 

For your case, it sounds like you want to details about the design that your designer sent (let me know if I've got this wrong!). You were likely viewing the design prototype. To see details that would be relevant to developing the UI, you will need to use inspect. Note that you can only see inspect if the designers uploaded the prototype using Studio or Craft Sync. If so, here's how to inspect the design:

  1. Open your InVision projects and select "View prototype" on the prototype you want to see
  2. Choose "View screen"
  3. Select "Inspect" at the bottom of the screen
  4. You are now viewing Inspect!

For more information on Inspect, check out this article on Inspect.

Please reply if you need further assistance! Cheers,



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