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Nir Ben David
Nir Ben David Updated

Moving to the new DSM issues


My team just got access to the new DSM and there are many changes between the two versions. I have a few questions regarding the new DSM that Ill be happy if you can help me with.

1. Is it still possible to download assets as SVG just like in the old DSM? it was good especially for the people outside of the Designers-Developers group that request them.
2. Is it possible to save a complete layout like in the old DSM? when I try to keep artboards as symbol it just doesn't work. We use to drag layouts straight to the Sketch project and begin to work.
3. When I have icons as a symbol I cant edit their line width or their color (if they have multiple colors even 'Tint' cant help me). By the way, line width doesn't change if I set their size manually, but it does change if I scale them with the 'Scale' tool. What can I do about it?

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Shaina Torgerson
InVision ambassador Shaina Torgerson , ambassador

Hi Nir Ben David,

Thanks for reaching out here in Community with these questions about the New DSM. Below are some answers each of the questions you posed:

  1. This behavior is not yet supported. However, SVG downloads will arrive as part of Icon documentation! New DSM is still in the Early Access stage and things like this will be addressed as it evolves. 
  2. In order to achieve this, you will need to make that layer group of symbols a new symbol. The items will be nested symbols, but you can utilize it like any other symbol in the Sketch library (and add it to documentation). You will need to use symbols though as layer groups alone are not compatible with Sketch libraries.
  3. Support for icons, when in Sketch is effectively there. We are managing Sketch libraries with the new plugin, and the only way to utilize content from a Sketch library is via symbols, layer styles and text styles.

    That being said, I'm having a little trouble understanding exactly what's happening on your end. Can you please provide a screencast or screenshot(s) showing what you're seeing and the desired behavior?

Look forward to hearing back,



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