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James Cheung Edited

Can't save the fixed header & footer

I create the prototype and set up the fixed header and footer as usual today. But, it keeps return as normal once i refresh the page in play mode. One i re-entered the build mode, the previous set fixed value is gone. It's keep happening today. 

Is there any issue on this feature today? I already tried several times for in different browsers but it's still the same.

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Mike Siegle
InVision ambassador Mike Siegle, InVision Employee , ambassador
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Hey James, 

Oh no! So sorry you're having these issues. 

We sometimes see odd behavior like this when the browser's local files associated with InVision become outdated or corrupted. At this point, let's try clearing that data (cache and cookies) from your browser to see if this helps.

For help doing that, please see Clearing your Browser's Cache and Cookies for more detail. Once cleared as per the linked instructions, please restart your browser and attempt to create these hotspots again. 

Hope this helps clear things up. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out, we're here to help any way we can.

All the best,




James Cheung
InVision ambassador James Cheung , ambassador Edited
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Hi Mike,

I tried to clear cache, cookies this morning but nothing changed, even using the incognito mode. I repeated for drag the guide for making the fixed header, it's keep return to default state (i.e. no fixed header/footer) after several minutes (even i don't reload the page manually).

It's strange which i never experienced before.



Shaina Torgerson
InVision ambassador Shaina Torgerson , ambassador
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Hi James,

Thanks for taking the time to try those troubleshooting steps suggested by Mike above. Since you're still experiencing issues, we definitely will need to gather some more information in order to get to the root of the issue here.

As a next step in troubleshooting, can you please provide the following information?:

  1. Could you please provide a screencast showing the steps you're following and the fixed header and footer not working, including the full browser window (so we can see the process in context)? This would be really helpful to try to replicate the issue.
  2. Do you see this same issue with several prototypes, or one in particular?
  3. What browser and operating system are you using? You can get these details by going to, clicking “Copy”, and pasting the link it gives you here.
  4. If you're able to do so publicly, can you include an example share link?

Look forward to hearing back,



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