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José Miguel

Screens have disappeared

Hi, I've got a huge problem. I can't see all the screens from one big project, they all seem to be gone, but there is no trail on the activity tab regarding if someone deleted or archived.

I don't know if its a bug, if this can be undo, or if we need to use some magic wand straight from Harry Potter himself.

Plz may the odds be with us!

And plz help us!

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Shaina Torgerson
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Hi José,

Thanks for reaching out here in Community and for opening a ticket with our Support team. It looks like one of our Support agents replied with the following message:

  • We sometimes see odd behavior when the browser's local files associated with InVision become outdated or corrupted. To further troubleshoot this issue, please first sign in to InVision via an incognito or private browsing window.

    If you are able to access that prototype and see the screens in an incognito session, we can confirm you’ll need to clear that data (cache and cookies) from your browser. For help doing that, please see Clearing your browser's cache and cookies for more detail. Once cleared as per the above instructions, please restart your browser and attempt to perform the InVision action again. If you're still having trouble after that, please do let us know.

    If you still have trouble in an incognito browser, does switching your network (internet) connection, then re-signing in make any difference?

    Also please let us know which browser and version you are using and if any other browsers are having issues as well.

Feel free to reply here or to your ticket with your Support agent. Hope to get you some answers soon!




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