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Jacqui Baldridge Jacqui Baldridge

Ability to reorganize files in IMAGES folder, and batch-delete

Will either or both of these features be available any time soon? It's such a hassle to have to delete things one by one. Especially if you have to delete LOTS of things because you uploaded them in the wrong place, or need to organize in a different way than you originally uploaded.



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Shaina Torgerson
InVision ambassador Shaina Torgerson, InVision Employee , ambassador
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Hi Jacqui,

Thanks so much for reaching out here in Community with this feedback! Just so that I understand your request correctly, can you please clarify which InVision product you're attempting this in? Additionally, if you can provide any screencasts or screenshots showing where you're attempting this that would also be helpful!

Look forward to hearing from you,



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