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Caitlin Cambron
Caitlin Cambron Updated

How my day-to-day has shifted designing primarily for people who are blind - and how I still use InVision Studio!

How many of us have said "I care about accessible design!" but don't really understand how to create products that are accessible? What about working somewhere that doesn't truly prioritize accessibility, even though it's important to you individually?

🙋🏻‍♀️ 🙋🏻‍♀️ 🙋🏻‍♀️ < me raising my hand very high.

I primarily work with products for people who are blind (and definitely didn't learn how to do this overnight!). Here's how I use Prototype + Studio in my work designing apps for people who are blind.

VoiceOver is a screen reader that's built in to all Apple devices, meaning my blind users would need a coded prototype in order to test. My project timeline didn't allow for a coded version. However, my boss and our stakeholders are sighted. They still expected a prototype that was visual, and honestly I needed to work with what I knew. Creating a prototype using Studio and demoing it using Prototype was just a valuable as it had been in the past. The vast majority of people aren't blind, and I still needed them to buy in to the work I was doing.

Has anyone else used Studio or Prototype in work with accessibility? What were the use cases?

Cheers! - Caitlin

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Ashima Sood
InVision ambassador Ashima Sood , ambassador

While it may not be accessibility per say, I have used prototype while designing an Interactive Voice Response System. The UX researcher and I started with a rough prototype that took only 2 weeks to reach a high fidelity stage. The stakeholders could follow easily while we presented the flow.


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