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Ajay Chandnani
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8 Online Platforms to Learn the Best UI/UX Designs in 2020

A UI or User Interface is the link between a user and a system. User Experience or UX largely depends on UI. There are several ways to create fantastic UI/UX designs.

An elegant and interactive design needs knowledge of tools that can help achieve it. Firms need to hire UI/UX designers that have in-depth knowledge of such devices for better designs. An average salary of $80,298 per year makes UI/UX designing a lucrative career. But, any designer without the right certification is like a knife without edge.

A designer should understand the need for extensive knowledge. Most of the UI/UX design companies carry out rigorous screening to gauge advanced skills in a designer. So, getting the necessary skills brushed up with the addition of some new skills is essential.

In recent times, online learning has gained momentum. Corona has caused major lockdowns, and most of the world’s population is locked up at home. So, taking up an online UI/UX course to boost your career is not a bad idea. Let’s discover, what are the online platforms for UI/UX designers for online certification courses?


Udemy is an online e-learning platform. It has over 130000 videos course for learners from all walks of life. From developers, UI/UX designers, data scientists to marketing learners, everyone can leverage Udemy.

For UI/UX designers, Udemy provides Adobe XD UI/UX courses. Adobe is a market leader in the creation of tools for web designing and offers an insightful course on Udemy.

UI/UX design services offered by many companies need Adobe expertise. And that is where this course proves to be handy. Most fundamentally, it provides app wireframe knowledge with prototyping of app prowess.


It is one of the most popular online platforms with more than 2000 courses and affiliation to more than 140 universities. At Coursera, one can take up the UI/UX certification course by Calarats. It provides complete knowledge on application wireframes, design concepts, understanding of sitemaps, and many other things.

Linkedin Learning:

Linkedin is not just a job-hunting site. It provides relative connections with peers in any domain. Most of the UI design companies are on Linkedin. But, as far as learning is concerned, Linkedin learning has emerged as one of the best online platforms for learning. It offers more than 8,600 online courses with 167 Ui/UX related courses.


It offers more than 6000 online courses for students of different domains. But, for UI/UX design students, the platform provides courses that are not recognized by many UX design companies though some courses do cover extensive knowledge of UI/UX design.


One of the largest online platforms for e-learning, SkillShare, offers more than 27000 online courses. It provides online courses on a myriad of subjects. One of the most significant drawbacks is the lack of proper certification for students and the absence of an instructor during the training.

But, yet it has maintained its name due to the high volume of online courses that are mostly 45 minutes long. It also allows UI/UX experts to form a class and publish their courses very quickly. And this is the way it provides a wide range of courses.


From data analytics, data science, and even designing, it offers many courses. Though the problem with SpringBoard is its non-specialization in UX. And it is the reason why certificates achieved from it does not outweigh others.

UX Design Institute:

Promoted by the platform as the world’s only accredited university for UX design, it is suitable for designers. It provides in-depth knowledge of user research, different UX principles, several frameworks, and interactive design understanding. It has major giants in the industry as a part of the advisory council. It offers a diploma into UX design for students.


It offers more than 300 online courses. From these courses, there are 19 UI/UX courses for designers. Courses are short and swift for learning. It provides rapid education with excellent certification. It also offers courses for coders and programmers.


E-Learning or online courses provide excellent knowledge from the comfort of home. There is no limit to the number of certifications that you can achieve with it. Though choosing the right UI/UX certification is essential to your career. So, choose wisely and make your resume stronger.

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Caitlin Cambron
InVision ambassador Caitlin Cambron , ambassador

Hi Ajay! 

Thanks for compiling this list. It's nice to see these all in one place. A few of these are new to me. As a hiring manager and UX mentor I'm always looking for self-learning resources; this list has just become my go-to!




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