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Jason Edited

How to export html or zip without overlay gui

Hello all,

I'm currenly using InDesign Stuido to design some lerning tutorials and leveraging the screen design platform.  However whenever I export my design to zip the only thing in the zip is the jpg or png files for the page, there is no HTML.  When I export the html it works as intended but it has a overlay on it saying view online and the arrows on the left and right to move between the pages.

So few questions:

Is there anyway to export this without the overlay (Slide show)?

Why is it when I export to a zip file it only shows the jpg/png files and not the html?  I was expecting the exported zip file would have all the assets

Is there a way to properlly export for offline use without the HMTL pointing to the assets on the web and could point locally?

Please let me know,

Thank you!

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Brittini O
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Hi Jason,

Thanks for taking the time to write into Community to share your feedback about this. Great news, while these are not currently export options that we offer, they are all features that our Support and Product teams are already tracking interest for.

I will open a ticket on your behalf to track your interest for these potential features. Please keep an eye out for an email indicating that we’ve formally tracked your feedback.

Have a great day,


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Check out this guide I found online: Export Html



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Conversely, if the format is explicitly specified, then the extension does not have to be ... this archival system over simply converting the notebook to a static HTML file Onmovies


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I really thank your post, it fixed my problem

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