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Sumul Shah

Any update on syncing Sketch's native prototype links with Craft?

This thread from 2018 is closed, and the official comment to contact support to vote for the original feature request  leads to a chat bot and then a dead end. Being able to use Sketch's native prototyping features to link up and sync up an InVision prototype feels like the most obvious thing in the world. Marvel does it almost perfectly. It makes me more sad that I'm comfortable admitting* that I have to spend so much time duplicating the prototyping work I did in Sketch in Craft and then doing more in the browser for the prototyping features that Craft doesn't support. 

* So sad.

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Michael S
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Hi Sumul!

Thanks so much for getting in touch about this. Unfortunately there is not a way to sync Sketch Prototype links with Craft at this time, and I apologize for the trouble you've experienced here! I will go ahead and create a ticket on your behalf for our support team to pass along your vote for this functionality. You will receive an email from us soon! Let us know if you have any questions about this in the meantime.



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