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Just joined Invision V7 but we still have a V6 account, how to do sync my files to both?

Our design team just joined the Invision V7 beta, we still have Invision V6 accounts as well and where we'll be sending our developers for awhile until we spend some time in V7 and can move our files over. But I can't see a way to sync my Sketch files with Craft to V7. How can I sync my files to both?

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Mike Siegle
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Hey Lauren, 

Thanks so much for reaching out to us about syncing to both V6 and V7. I'm really sorry for the confusion and I'd be more than happy to step in and help. 

Unfortunately, at this time, it's not possible to switch between V6 and V7 in Craft at this time. Additionally, it's not possible to transfer content between V6 and V7. The good news is that these are both features that we've been tracking interest for. 

Since you're using Craft, it's suggested to sign into your V6 Enterprise account if you're syncing to V6. Alternatively, if you're syncing to V7, sign out of Craft, then sign back into your V7 team account using the steps found here:

With all of that being said, I'm going to open a couple of support tickets on your behalf to add your interest for the feature requests I mentioned above. So, keep your eyes open for a couple of emails coming your way soon. 

I really wish we had a better answer for you, but I hope this helps clear things up a bit. If you have any other questions, please feel free to follow up. We're here to help!



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