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Andrea Renee St. Julian



I am new to Invision and just beginning to work on my first project.  I have done a set of wireframes in pdf. I then exported the frames to jpeg.  I am having difficulty importing them to Invision.  Do I need an app to do that?  Any help would be appreciated. TIA.

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Shaina Torgerson
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Hi Andrea,

Thanks so much for reaching out here in Community! I hope that you're enjoying getting acquainted with InVision and know that we're here to help in any step along the way.

To create a prototype:

  1. Sign in to your account.
  2. In the main navigation, click Projects, and then click the  button.
  3. Click Create New Prototype.
    Alternatively, you can try a sample prototype by clicking Or Try A Sample.
  4. Enter a prototype name and then select the device type.
  5. Click Next.

You can now start uploading your screens from your jpeg files. To upload screens manually, open your project and, at the top right, click the pink plus button. Click Upload Screens and select the files you want to add as screens. You can also drag and drop any PNG, JPG, GIF, or PDF file over an open space in the screens tab.

I suggest taking a look at our InVision Cloud Getting Started Guide and all of our other documentation for any other questions that you might run into. Please also feel free to reach out here in Community as well with any other questions.

Have a great day,



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