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Remote working set up and fun!

In this new and unusual times some of us across the world are having to adapt and change our lifestyles and work lives. 

I'm seeing a spike in alot of 'you should do X' remote working type content but not alot of 'here is what we're doing' type content. So I thought I would look at some things that I've come across that people are doing to make their time easier so we can all get inspired from them.



Check ins (but not to many). Checking in on hangout with cameras on is a great way for interaction with others. Spend a little time during the stand up for small talk, how was your weekend? etc.

Running workshops. If you need to run remote workshops make sure you have the tools to do so. Tools like Mural and Zoom/hangouts are great choices. 

Communication. Good communication is needed when remote working. Slack updates and stand ups are good ways to do this. Patience with this is also key, people with children can find this massively stressful if they are noisy or wonder onto a call every now and then. Just give them a moment to attend to the children and then continue, let them know its ok to pause for a while and you can continue when ready. The same can go for noisy pets - the doggos barking at the postman for example. 

Set aside some time for you. Short bathroom breaks, make a coffee or getting water are things that you would do in the office and give you some time away from your screen. Keep these up to break up the day and gives you a break. 

Where I work at Inviqa we're quite well set up and have been for a while to work remotely as many of our staff do. We have set up multiple slack channels to help with tips and tricks that people are learning along the way to share with everyone else, for example #remote-working-tips (set up by our UX Director) for any tips people have learnt and #parenting (set up by our financial controller) for anyone who's children are now at home and need advice and help on entertaining and schooling them. 



We're all having to adapt to new ways of socialising with our friends and colleagues. Here are some that I have come across so far:

At work we have a remote pub slack channel #thewinchester set up by our Creative Director (Shaun of the Dead reference) where every day at 5pm we meet via hangout for a drink and a catch up together and have cocktail competitions based on a daily theme. Whoever wins gets to choose the theme for the next day, participants submit a photo of their cocktail and the previous winner (theme selector) chooses their favourite entrants and they then go to a vote. There is also a pub quiz! And last week a wine tasting session lead by Creative Director/sommelier! 

We also have a remote lunch club where colleagues can come onto a hangout and just eat lunch together!

I have recently had a remote poker game on Zoom and using Pokerrrr2 which allows people to play poker on an app with friends for around 2 hours for free and then you can pay for an additional 3 hours for around £3. But with a free Zoom account and a 2 hour poker game for free, its a great way to have a free 2 hours socialising. 

Houseparty has massively taken off with their offering of online social activities. 

I have also come across people starting to use design tools for socialising purposes. Tools like invision freehand to have remote drawing sessions between friends and colleagues children while socialising on a hangout. 

Remote events are now on the rise. As meet ups, conferences and networking events are suspended they are now moving online to keep going and provide some great talks and discussions with fellow professionals. 

My partner's place of employment now has a remote running club!

Other things you can do is remote film watching, gaming sessions, watching old football matches/sports games and exercise work outs. 


What is everyone else doing when it comes to adapting to remote working life? Let us know in the comments!





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We have a new game: Through the key hole!

Post a photo of a random part of your house and people have to guess who's home it is! 

It gets all kinds of fun!


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