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Kimberly Strat

New to InVison! Help please!

Hi everyone,

I am currently in a course studying UX and am very new to InVision! This may be a simple answer (fingers crossed), but I am having the hardest time when I upload my screens. I created my prototypes in Figma and uploaded them into a new prototype project, but when I go into Build Mode, the prototype is super enlarged and I can't seem to zoom out enough to even see the whole page. The file itself is about 4.9MB so I don't think it's too large, but I've been searching all over the web to find a solution to this otherwise I can't keep moving forward to build my first digital prototype. :(

Any suggestions at all would be so, so appreciated! and thank you!


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Michéle (Mikele) De Sousa
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Hi Kimmy


Thanks for reaching out. It's cool to read that you are using Figma with InVision.

I am sorry you are experiencing issues. This can be very frustrating but let me see I can assist you.


Firstly I need to ask you a couple of questions in order to inform my response:


1) What InVision prototype are you creating? i.e. Desktop or mobile?

2) What are your artboard sizes in Figma?

3) How are you going about uploading your Figma prototypes to InVision? If you are exporting your screens. When exporting, what size are you exporting? i.e. x1, x2... This is under export settings in Figma


Let me know and hope to resolve this soonest for you.


Stay awesome!



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