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Alex Newson

Invision as collaborative software solution for client meetings

Hi! In this post-covid world, my company is looking for software that allows us to easily and efficiently collaborate with clients outside our office. Does Invision offer any solutions for this type of work? In other words, as a company, could we provide temporary logins for new clients to use enabling them to collaborate on projects for a certain period of time? Any guidance is appreciated. 

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Brittini O
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Hi Alex,

This is a great question! We are certainly transitioning into a new "normal" as we navigate through this trying time! 

The great news is InVision can definitely help you and your company stay connected with your clients as if you were in real person. I can see that you are associated with InVision's V6 and V7 platforms. I have provided some Introductory information on InVision below, depending on which platform you end up using. Also, here is how you can see what platform your InVision account is associated with. 

InVision Cloud V6 Introductory information can be found here.

InVision Cloud V7 Introductory information can be found here.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to let us know!




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