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Edward Li

Using an Invision prototype with a large number of simultaneous users

I've been working on a demo version of a site where the InVision prototype itself is the final deliverable as opposed to a precursor to the "real thing." The goal here was to create a tool that allows individuals to interact with a mock site and learn the interactions available more than anything else. Real data and certain details are not important.

Our client has asked about scaling this program, and I'm curious if there's ever been a situation for anyone else where there was a use case for multiple individuals (say 50-100) trying to access and use an InVision prototype all at the same time. Have you had any performance issues trying to do that? @InVision team, have you tried this in your stress tests and can this be done?

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Hi Edward,

Great question! We don't have a limit on how many stake holders can access and navigate through prototypes at the same time. We've seen instances where organizations have had 100+ stake holders successfully access and preview prototypes at the same time within conferences and remotely. This includes the use of the same device type and various device types in the process. Theoretically, our build should allow for more grand scaling however, we haven't really seen this kind of use to date. Of course, should we run into this becoming a reality, we would adjust if needed.

Hopefully I was able to help. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to let us know.




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