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Brent Brent

Anima Processing on Upload Support

I've been asking for a long time that you stop processing anima uploads because it breaks the layouts and slows uploads way down. I still want to use anima with invision but NO processing. 

I see you're stopping support but anima is still processed before upload. 

If you're stopping support are you going to disable this processing feature? Or make it optional please? 



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Shaina Torgerson
InVision ambassador Shaina Torgerson, InVision Employee , ambassador Edited
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Hi Brent,

Thanks for taking the time to reach out here in Community about your experience with Anima. As mentioned in the recent announcement you alluded to above, we recommend disabling Anima and using Sketch’s smart layout tools that offer similar functionality, namely: Smart Distribute (Sketch 55) and Smart layout (Sketch 58). Craft Manager version 1.0.92 fully supports these capabilities. However, I understand that option doesn’t address your current concern.

While we will no longer support the use of Anima, Craft will continue to automatically detect when Anima has been used and, when syncing, we’ll call Anima’s API to detach symbols. When synced via Craft, any of the manipulations you’ve used Anima for will be processed the same way as before, since Craft can’t pass along the manipulations from Anima without processing them. Please note that without running the Anima processing, the layout of your file won’t be accurate when uploading to InVision Cloud.

After discussing your post with our Craft Product Managers, they were interested in gathering a bit more information about your specific use case for needing to use Anima with InVision without the Anima uploads getting processed. They want to fully wrap their heads around your goals so they can see if there’s a viable solution. Therefore, I’m going to open a ticket on your behalf so we can gather more info in a 1-1 conversation. Please look for an email requesting some additional information for our team to review.


InVision ambassador Brent , ambassador
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The anima export process drastically increases the amount of time before Invision starts to export on everything except simple files. And sketch is completely frozen while Anima is processing its export feature.

I disagree that the layout won't be accurate without processing. The export feature will break your layouts if certain features like nesting stacks are used in anima. 

This export feature is completely valueless as far as Invision is concerned. And less than valuable in my opinion which is why you're probably stopping support. 

Sketch's native smart layout is extremely rudimentary, and doesn't utilize stacks and padding for anything outside of symbols. So there is not much use for it vs Anima. 

Our team is quite dependent on this until sketch is improved which seems unlikely. Your recommendation to disable anima requires also restarting sketch and reopening your files before uploading to invision. And then re-enabling to continue design work. That is a big time loss that accumulates. 

To be frank, Sketch has unveiled their own development cloud tools recently and there is diminishing value in us continuing to use Invision vs a free tool. 

I know this is a complex issue but I'd at least like you to consider creating a user option to disable this processing feature as the last support action that you do. If not that can a developer there tell me what to manually modify in your plugin myself to stop this feature? 

Many thanks. 


Shaina Torgerson
InVision ambassador Shaina Torgerson, InVision Employee , ambassador
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Hi Brent,

Thanks so much for the follow up on my response. I have shared this additional feedback with our Product Managers and they would still like to gather some more information from you internally. Can you please confirm that you've received the ticket I've opened on your behalf via email?

Given your comment, "I disagree that the layout won't be accurate without processing", we would like to ensure that we aren't unnecessarily running the Anima process on your file. To determine this, we need your file for testing.

Please let me know if you're having trouble finding your ticket via email, or if there's a better email to reach you at. 




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