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Grace redman Grace redman

GIFs are not loading in the Invision app

Hi! I am working on a prototype that features a lot of custom animations that I created in AfterEffects, and exported as GIFs to add to Invision cloud. I am able to successfully view and use my prototype on the computer but my boss wants the prototype to be able to be handed around on a phone so users can try it out. I tried to open the document in the Invision app but am unable to use the user testing function because none of my gifs will load, in the user testing mode or even in the regular view mode. Is this typical of the Invision app? Does it not support gifs? Are there any other ways to get my animations in there? I know some people will say to use studio but some of the animations (like a loading screen neon sign, or a video of fireworks exploding) are too complicated to be done in studio. Any help or clarification are much appreciated! Alternately, if there is a prototyping software that does support gifs on the phone I would love to know about it!



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Laura Cunha
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Hi Grace,

Thank you for reaching out here in Community! I can see you have a ticket currently open with our Support team already. They have sent you a few additional questions to troubleshoot what might be causing your GIFs to not load in the mobile app.



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