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Eugene Liahor Eugene Liahor Edited

Mirroring with Ios Application.

Hello everyone!

I understand that topic is not unique but I'll try :)

I really respect Invision team and appreciate their work a lot. Thanks guys, you're the best!

But I have an issue while working with Invision Studio and Ios Invision application. And I'm talking about mirroring screens. After last ios update mirror screen is opened into flow additional card. And this card doesn't open on full-screen. Because of that I can't see the whole picture of design. I should scroll it, drag it & etc. That is inconvenient and really slows my working process. Could you please fix that problem so I will proceed to talk to everybody that Invision Studio is best design & prototyping tool ever?

Sincerely, Eugene Liahor.



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Shaina Torgerson
InVision ambassador Shaina Torgerson, InVision Employee , ambassador
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Hi Eugene,

Thanks so much for your kind words about InVision! We really appreciate your loyalty to our products and want to make sure that they're working  in the best way possible for our users. That being said, we really appreciate you taking the time to reach out to report some of the issues that you're encountering.

To help us get to the bottom of what might be causing these issues, can you please provide some additional information?:

  1. The version of Studio that you're using
  2. Your phone and operating system/iOS version details
  3. The version number of the InVision iOS mobile app that you're running
  4. A screencast or screenshots displaying the issues that you're encountering when mirroring your Studio prototype
  5. A screenshot of your "About this Mac" overview or other OS details

Look forward to hearing from you,



Eugene Liahor
InVision ambassador Eugene Liahor , ambassador
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Hi Shaina.

1. I use macOS Invision Studio 1.26.1 (last available update)

2. My device - Iphone X (iOS 13.3)

3. Invision Studio iOS application version - 2.10.1 (638)

4. Here is sketch with all details. I marked problem zone with red rectangle. As you can see mirror screen doesn't open in full-screen. We have about 100-150 pt on top side (also status bar is duplicated).


Btw, I have recorded a small video with this issue so you can see how inconvenient to use this feature:

Here is link -


I hope it will help. Thanks for responding!

Sincerely, Eugene Liahor.



Laura Cunha
InVision ambassador Laura Cunha, InVision Employee , ambassador
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Hi Eugene,

Thank you for so much the additional details, these are very helpful!

I can indeed see that the iOS app doesn't seem to be mirroring in full screen in iPhone X. I will go ahead and create a Support ticket on your behalf, so that our team can have a closer look. Please keep an eye out for an email from us!



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